About us

Languagelad is a global online language learning platform offering one-on-one lessons. We created this platform with the goal of offering our students all the tools necessary to learn a language in the most personalized way possible.
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Your Wishes are Our Goals

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It's not just learning

Being able to choose between teachers from differant cultures allows us to learn and enrich ourselves as people.
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There is no wall that cannot be climbed

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We are convinced that it is possible to learn and have fun at the same time.
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Become a Teacher

At Languagelad, we are always looking for professionals who want to cooperate in our project and we welcome you to join our multicultural team of language enthusiasts!
Become a Teache

Learn more than simply a language

Learning a time-tested talent, nurturing fresh ideas, and engaging with amazing individuals from all over the globe are all important goals on LanguageLad!.